Trendy Kids Winter Boots in 2021-22

Trendy Kids Winter Boots in 2021-22

Preparing for the most frigid months of the year is not an easy task especially when you have to do some kids’ shopping that includes buying the warmest accessories, insulated winter jackets or parkas, and the best snowsuits.

There are numerous options out there on the market to choose from which makes it a lot daunting. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to read the important considerations for clothing if your child is too young and for purchasing the winter boots, make sure you know the essential tips to buy kids winter boots in 2021. It will help you a lot. 

Though the season is on and the limited stock of winter boots and snow boots runs out real fast which poses a great challenge for those who want the finest quality kids’ boots. But in the hassle of finding the perfect pair of boots, don’t forget the difference between winter boots and snow boots as it’s a crucial factor.

However, to ease your shopping process Conifere offers a range of trendy winter boots for girls and boys. All the boots are well manufactured with great care to provide extreme comfort to your little one’s feet. 

Read on to learn more about our collection. 

Conifere Winter Boots for Kids

THUJA Girls’ Winter Boots

Age group: 1 - 12 years

Colors: Pink

Extremely comfy and nice winter boots for young princesses. The THUJA winter boots have a solid rubber outsole that blocks out the moisture and cold when kids play in the snow. The unique textured sole prevents the children from slipping on wet roads and ensures their safety. 

CEDRUS Boys’ Winter Boots

Age Group: 1, 3, 4, 11, 12 years

Colors: Blue, Black

The most admired boot collection - CEDRUS, comes in two favorite colors of boys; black and navy blue. Unlike other boots, this one has a rounded front and comfortable sole to prevent foot ache. These winter boots are completely waterproof and have an adjustable strap with a velcro closure.  

LAWSON Winter Boots

Age Group: 1, 3, 4, 6, 12 years

Colors: Blue, Black

LAWSON winter boots are the hot selling product of Conifere. These boots compliment the bold personalities with strong detailing. The long shaft of these kids’ boots helps to insulate the feet during cold days. 

SAVIN Winter Boots for Girls 

Age Group: 1 -12 years

Colors: Pink, Black

These boots can be used by both girls and boys as it comes in two color options. The SAVIN winter boots are quite similar to the LAWSON but feature a different design. The tough outsole ensures a firm grip on slippery surfaces and helps the young ones to play freely on snow even if the temperature drops below -40 degrees celsius. Also, these rubber soles have many other advantages.

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