Difference Between Winter Boots and Snow Boots

Difference Between Winter Boots and Snow Boots

Taking care of the feet is equally important as the rest of the body. In winter when the temperature gets frigid, you must wear either snow boots or winter boots. Though many people, get perplexed between these two terms.

However, if you are wondering what is the difference between winter boots and snow boots, then in this post you will get your answer. 

Additionally, I will also help you to decide which type of boots would work out for you in different winter conditions.

First, let’s see what’s the main features that distinguish snow boots from winter boots.

Main Features

Outer Shell

The snowboots have a water-proof exterior made with quality material whereas, the winter boots can’t be necessarily water-proof. However, they can be water-resistant but with constant exposure, their hydro-resistance can be reduced.


Both the snow boots and winter boots have a soft and warm interior that insulates the warmth and keeps the feet protected from a frosty environment.


The snow boots have a taller shaft that prevents the snow from getting in shoes whereas, the winter boots are quite shorter.


The snow boots generally have a rubber sole that makes them water-proof and provides complete insulation from frosty weather. Whereas the winter boots also have a rubber bottom but their quality can’t match those of snow boots.


The winter boots are much lighter in weight compared to snow boots. Though snow boots are made with high-quality material, they are heavier than any regular shoes. 

Specific Uses

Snow Boots

Snow boots are suitable to use in areas with heavy snowfall. If you have to shovel a driveway or wanna go out in the snow, then these heavy-duty boots are best to wear in such harsh weather conditions. They provide complete protection even with temperatures below zero degrees celsius. 

Winter Boots

Winter boots can be worn in a regular routine with cold yet dry weather. Since winter boots are lightweight, kids can run and play while having winter boots on. Moreover, winter boots are more stylish than snow boots so you can easily get more options in them.

Our SAVIN winter boots have a water-proof outer shell and thick rubber sole that provides the proper insulation even at -40 degrees celsius temperature. While the adjustable strap allows you to seal the boots properly on snowy or rainy days. These boots are suitable to be used by both girls and boys.

Final Verdict

Both the winter boots and snow boots have their pros and cons but if you have to frequently go out in heavy snowfall then snow boots are a must-have otherwise, winter boots could also serve the purpose of keeping your feet warm and cozy.  

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