How to Dress your Toddler for Winter | Best Toddler Winter Clothes

How to Dress your Toddler for Winter | Best Toddler Winter Clothes

Toddlers always remain excited about the outdoors and it would be unfair to contain them under the same roof for months just to keep them safe from frigid temperatures out there. Therefore, I have compiled all the essential tips on how to dress your toddler for winter. So, you could take your little one out for some fun activities to enjoy in winter without worrying about the bone-chilling cold. 

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During the harsh weather, you might think of wrapping your toddler in layers of warm and cozy clothes but it might get uncomfortable for them especially if they want to play. Thanks to some of the latest toddler dresses that provide complete insulation while keeping the kids comfortable. In addition to them, you can opt for some smart tips to ensure the safety of your child before taking him out for some adventure. 

Proper Layering 

We can’t blame the weather to make our children sick, as it’s on us how we dress the little one for outdoor activities. You might come across a wide range of kids’ winter outerwear but not all of them can guarantee the protection of your little champ. That’s why you need to choose winter clothes for kids very carefully to layer them up. 

After getting the best quality kids’ wear, follow our way of layering a child:

Warm Base Layer

It is crucial to pick the warmest yet soft fabric like wool for the base layer. If you are planning to knit the woolen top/bottom or a pair of socks for your little one, then go for the warmest yarn. The wool helps to retain the body heat and protects the children from extreme cold. 

Mid Insulating Layer

For mid insulation, light clothing like fleecy tops/bottoms, and knit hats remain the best. They keep the toddler light and warm at the same time. 

Outer layer

Now here comes the most important part. Before taking your child out in moist and cold weather, make sure their clothes are completely waterproof like the snowsuits by Conifere. Also, cover the hands with warm mittens, and instead of getting fancy footwear, try to go for water-resistant boots with a longer shaft. 

The Best Toddler Winter Clothes 


Perfect winter snowsuit set for toddlers, the Bright 5 snowsuit set comes with a matching knit hat and a neck warmer for 100% insulation. The snow pants and jacket have a soft fleecy inner lining with a water-resistant outer shell. The windbreaker panel shields the little torso from strong chilled winds and the chin guard adds additional safety. It is no doubt the best winter dress for little boys. 


Another toddler snowsuit set - Mint Max, has a separate neckwarmer and knit hat to ensure the proper insulation of young ones. Just like Bright 5, this snowsuit set for boys is made with a water-proof outer covering and warm fleecy inner lining. After wearing this winter outfit, kids don’t require those heavy layers of clothes. 


The Navy Mesh is also a romper snowsuit with useful accessories that comes in handy whenever you plan to go out. This hooded toddler snowsuit has a detachable hood, allowing you to change style whenever you want. Additionally, the wind stopper panel over the zipper not only protects the child from strong winds but also prevents rain and snow from getting in the suit. It also has adjustable cuffs that block the cold from seeping in. 


Winter is often associated with dull colors which influence the children, but this chic girl’s snowsuit set is designed to break this stereotype. The young princesses deserve to shine and the Rainbow Spark is ideal to do the job. The vibrant hues never fail to excite the little girls for their day. In addition to this, it is manufactured with the finest quality fabric in Canada to beat the frosty weather. 


Apart from pink, turquoise is one of the most trendy colors for toddlers. This girls snowsuit has a furry hood that can also be taken off when not required and it also features everything you might need to layer up your daughter including the insulated warm inner lining, waterproof outer material, windbreaker, adjustable cuffs, and thick snow pants. 

Along with the snowsuits, you should also check the trendy winter boots for kids and read the boots buyer guide before going for a shopping. 

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Thanks for mentioning that the warmest layer needs to be the innermost layer. This is my first winter since adopting my daughter three months ago. I’ve never bought winter clothes for toddlers, so I’ll definitely have to do more research on what to get!

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