How to Layer kids for winter

How to Layer kids for winter

Why layering is so important when dressing your child for winter.

Layering is the most effective way to insulate your child’s delicate skin from the harsh winter weather. As the Canadian Pediatric Society recommends, parents should dress their children in one more layer than they do themselves. Don’t worry, layering doesn’t need to be complicated! We at Conifère have compiled a quick and easy reference to ensure that you are dressing your child safely for the harsh Northern winters.

Layering can be understood as a three-step process:

1)The base layer:
This inner layer is what’s worn closest to the skin and should be form-fitting. The best of base layers will ensure that sweat is wicked away from the skin (sweater can cause dampness and chills so it’s important to consider this when selecting your base layer material). We recommend wool or polyester.

2)The middle layer:
This is the insulting layer. Its job is to retain body heat. The best materials are anything fuzzy: think fleece and sweaters. The insulting layer should be snug, but not too tight!

3)The out layer:
The outer layer acts as a shell. This is what protects us from the rain, snow and wind. Make sure to look for something that is waterproof. Also keep in mind that it should allow child for easy movement and has room for layering. Conifère has a full range of snowsuits with these technical features in stylish colors and prints.

Don’t forget about the ears, hands & feet!
It is important to remember that the ears, fingers and toes are the most prone to cold exposure and frostbite. Good thing Conifère has got you covered with these winter accessory musts! We recommend our waterproof boots, waterproof gloves or mitts, a neck warmer and a hat, which are all are key to keeping kiddos warm and toasty on cold days.

Happy Layering!

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