5 Simple Fashion Rules For Ladies

5 Simple Fashion Rules For Ladies

Fashion is something that is the forte of ladies. We ladies can make even casual clothing a trendy fashion. However, there are simple rules for fashion that one must keep in mind. In the mid-1970s there used to be fashion police in Korea.  They keep a check on the length of the skirts and various other fashion rules in both ladies and gents.

However, many women are still concerned about the fashion. That's why we came up with 5 fashion rules that will help you to elevate your look. So, let’s take a rapid look at five simple and quick fashion rules for ladies. 

Rule#1 When in doubt about what to wear, go with black its all-time trendy   

Fashion changes culturally as well as regionally. In New York, women prefer to wear black as a default option when they are out of choice. It is famously quoted in the fashion industry that black will never go out of fashion. Even black is the favorite color of most fashion designers. Everywhere from Manhattan to Brooklyn black is considered the most stylish color to wear. Particularly black leather coats and parkas are always the highest fashion symbol in the States.

Rule #2 Price must not matter if you are comfortable 

Attention ladies! Never let the prices of your fashion desires get over your nerves. Sometimes, the choice of your fashion style might have higher rates. Sometimes, there might be lesser rates whatever you choose to wear. As long as you are comfortable wearing what you desire, the price must not matter. If you have a little bit of fashion sense then you can easily match an inexpensive handbag with your top. When you have bought a specific item let’s say a handbag, and that item best suits whatever you are wearing then it doesn’t matter how much the items are worth.  What matters is how you combine them to look trendy and stylish.

Rule #3 Handbags expresses your personality – Always buy a nice one

Some ladies argue that they do not like to wear small handbags as these are not sufficient to fulfill their items inside. I always counterargue with these ladies that there is no need to carry your entire luggage when you are just going to a mall or on a dinner date. A nice little handbag always looks trendy and superb with a top and jeans. Buying handbags is always a good investment. Buy ample and inexpensive handbags that can go with most of your dressing. It is always a good option. Your personality is highlighted with the choice of bag you hold. 

Rule #4 Wear something bright if you seem to lack something in your appearance 

Now, most ladies here might not agree with my stance here. However, fashion sense always demands to wear something bright whenever you seem to lack something in your appearance. If you are wearing a light or dull color that is overshadowing your bright and bubbly personality then you can always wear something bright with that. You can either carry a bright handbag or wear high heel bright shoes or can even wear a shiny bandana just to make your look more vibrant. Wearing a bandana is never out of fashion. It gives your appearance an appealing look. 

Rule #5 Mix your style sometimes – It is a good way to check your fashion sense 

You are someone who is a risk-taker. You usually try new and unique things. So if you are someone who wants to mix their fashion style to check how you look in a different style then you should go with it. Wear a scarf inside your coat to give a sharp look. Some people tie a knot of their scarves and wear it inside their jacket when it is freezing outside. This style has become a trend and people are seen to do this frequently. People wear their woolen hats to cover themselves from getting cold. They usually leave their hair open. This also gives a very nice and clean look. Remember to give your hair a good brush after taking off your cap to avoid tangles of hair.

Final Words

Since fashion is something that is always changing; you can make your own style anytime. Always remember that go with confidence and make everyone notice what you wear. Check out https://www.conifere.com/ for more fashion accessories and ideas. 

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